Pirlo Level 81(Accepted)

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Pirlo Level 81(Accepted)

Post by Kitten on 18th May 2011, 11:55

FS Forum Name: Mannimarco
IGN: Pirlo
Level: 81
Age: 22
Country and Time Zone: Ukraine, GMT+2
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English
Preferred Position: CM, LW, RW
Mentality and Style of Play: Midfielder, passing, just look at real Pirlo!
What is Football Superstars Gaming Experience? I started playing 11 months ago
Are You a Subscriber? Gold membership tier
What Do You Think You Can Bring to Our Team? I have different and eccentric style of playing. I don't want to be like everyone. So, I can bring my style of playing.
Where Did You Find Out about Nemean Lions? I don't remember, I think I joined your IRC channel to help with getting Q.
When You Are Active to Play? I play when I want to play, usually every day
Read Our Code of Conduct. Do You Agree with What You've Read? Yes
Also a Little Bit About Why You Decided You Wanted to Join Us. I don't like to join PMC if I don't know anyone there. I join PMC if my friends are there, thats why I joined your PMC.

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Re: Pirlo Level 81(Accepted)

Post by Guest on 18th May 2011, 12:14

Welcome aboard Smile.


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