Spookey (rejected)

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Spookey (rejected)

Post by generatiaX on 20th June 2010, 06:13

Name in game:Spookey
Name in FS forums:generatiaX
Position you like play:RF LF
Also a little description or say what you want:Hello guys i wanna join your team. I am very active so you can be sure i am always online when u need me Smile ...i hope i can join the academy... Thank You in advance!!!

Nemean Water boy
Nemean Water boy

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Re: Spookey (rejected)

Post by Niko on 20th June 2010, 11:01

hello Spookey!

I invite you to join us at our IRC, we will invite to our academy asap!!


I don't know why some ppl join to IRC and don't say hello...and leave and dont say bye....Why?? ....why?..........WHY??!!!!

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