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Post by Hutton on 14th January 2013, 12:48

Hi all, my real name is Dennie. Nice to meet you.

- FS Forum name: Huttonp (Because Hutton was taken.)
- In-game name: Hutton
- Level: 73 (Almost 74)
- Age: 17
- Country (together with time zone relative to GMT): Italy (+1 Hour more than GMT)
- Languages (Speak or write): Italian and English
- Preferred position: Right Wing, but I can play also in right back.
- Mentality (defensive/offensive) and Style of play: My style is focused on offensive possession and trade in 1-2 with the defender down. But when it is possible I change side for restart the action in order to make more simple action for make goal.
- What is Football Superstars gaming experience?: This is my main, but I would improve and get a good results.
- What do you think you can bring to our team?: I believe I can bring to this team a good gameplay, but that dont for me to decide.
- Where did you find out about FC Nemean Lions? I saw this team thanks to "See match" in another PMC, but all speak to me of this pmc and all said to me: "This is a realistic good PMC"."
- Do you have a mic? If not, are you willing to get one?: Yes, I do.
- When you are active to play?: I'm active more time in FS, about 5-6 hours at days.
- Read our Code of conduct . Do you agree with what you've read? Yes, I do. We have to respect the rules, because without them we live in anarchy.
- Also a little bit about why you decided you wanted to join us.

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Nemean Water boy

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Re: Hutton(Trial)

Post by Caulker on 14th January 2013, 13:21

Hey Hutton,
FC Nemean Lions staff are happy to take you on a trial.
Just come on IRC whenever you are online so we can arrange
matches, and download mumble whenever you can as
it's our voice communication.
Good luck for your Trial Smile
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